Tom is a godsend! We needed a painting job done asap because family was arriving within a few weeks. I called a few recommendations, but Tom was the only one who even returned my call! He came right out and took a look. He gave us a good estimate, but couldn't promise he would be able to meet our deadline, as he was in the midst of another job. We took a chance and hired him. He was he friendly, super neat and professional. He gave us a few color choices and put them up so you really see the color in different lighting. He patched our cracked plaster ceilings so beautifully I couldn't believe it. But the kicker was that he got the job done in the nick of time! Every time I look around at the beautiful job he did I am so thankful we found him. We can't wait to work with Tom again!

Amy M.

San Francisco, CA

Tom painted a bathroom, front gate and stile and rail doors for me. I am an architect, known by my friends to be fussy, I prefer to call it exacting. I am also tired of living with finshes that are lumpy from years of bad paint jobs. I told Tom I wanted hard semi-gloss smooth finsih and got it at a fair price. He will be my go-to painter guy. Being also a fine artist, he also has a good eye for color, and I can ask his opinion on a palate of finishes.

Tom P.

San Francisco, CA

Tom is an excellent painter. He has now painted almost every room in my house and done an impeccable job each time he has worked for us. With 2 small children and a dog it was also important to me to have someone that could do safe work on our lead paint and was kind and easy to be around. Tom has taken classes in safe removal of lead paint and has all of the necessary equipment - i think he is one of the few people certified to do this. Tom is a really nice guy - cleans up each day, completes work on time, and is punctual - all perks in a busy household.

Zoe W.

Berkeley, CA

I would have Mr. Lawless do any painting job for me. He is very careful and I felt comfortable leaving my house key with him.
His job was flawless.

Arthur A.

Larkspur, CA

When our kitchen remodel was done, we needed to paint the kitchen, attached living room, and hallway. We hired Tom Lawless Painting b/c of his good reviews and lead abatement certification. He did an excellent job and I am not an easy customer. I am very detail oriented and somewhat of a perfectionist. I was delighted to realize that Tom was too. His attention to detail, professionalism, and amazing job make me smile every day! After the paint job was done, we had a few small items still needing to be completed in the kitchen and we needed to move back in to the space. Tom told me to call him when all was done, so that he could come back and do any needed touch-ups, in case we dinged the wall when moving our couch and furniture back in. Well, we and our kitchen contractors both made some dings on the walls and Tom came back, did all needed touch ups, with zero problems. And, I really appreciated how he cleaned up each day b/c I'm sure my kid would have loved to play in all the paint and equipment. Now, I'd like to have a couple more rooms in my house painted. When we are ready, we will be calling Tom. Thanks Tom for exceeding my expectations.

Tracy B.

San Francisco, CA

Tom has done several indoor painting jobs for our house in Oakland over the years. He is great in every way and we will use him again for any future work. Tom is honest, reliable, shows up when he says he's going to, and does excellent, professional work. And he's a really nice guy, too.

Tom is also great with color. We initially went to a color consultant for our bathroom, which Tom just painted, but weren't happy with the recommendations. Tom gave us his opinion and we went with it. He was exactly right and the bathroom looks great.

Richard S.

We found Tom on Yelp, and are very happy we did. He did a fantastic job painting our entry hall, stairway, and upstairs hall. He did a beautiful job smoothing out (plastering) almost the entire wall, as well as smoothing/restoring a century of layered, dripped, crusted, chipped paint in many places throughout the trim (while still making the high-gloss paint look seamless). His rate was very fair, he was punctual and finished the job on time, and -- most important -- he left the place immaculate (and was very cautious about sealing off rooms from lead paint dust). So glad we hired a true professional, and would gladly recommend him.

Dolly R.

San Francisco, CA

When I needed to hire a painter for a rush project to paint a bedroom, Tom Lawless was highly recommended by another firm. He arranged to come by to estimate the job the day I called. The color had been discontinued, but he returned first thing the next morning with newly mixed, beautifully matched paint for both the green walls and the off-white trim. His prep work was thorough and meticulous, and he worked quickly and efficiently; his manner is professional and thoughtful. The room looks terrific and I am happy to recommend him highly.

Cynthia C.

San Francisco, CA

Tom Lawless has completed multiple painting projects for me over the years - from small touch-up work to windows sashes to entire rooms and, this last fall, the exterior of our building (3 floors).
Tom does great work, is reliable and is easy to work with. He's been very good with color choices / matching existing colors and uses high quality paint. His prices are reasonable, especially when the quality of the work is considered.
Tom is one of the few people that has done work for me that trust giving keys to our place. I couldn't recommend him more highly.

Phelps W.

San Francisco, CA

After 16 years of indecision about what color to paint our puke pink - beige dining room, DH and I finally agreed on a color and a friend referred me to Tom Lawless Painting. Tom made the mistake of loaning me a color wheel, and then had to wait for a while for us to decide on living room and foyer colors. He made some suggestions that kept us from having a living room that looked like a bowl of Cheetos (too orange). The price was right, and we set a date for work to start. Tom and his employee showed up on time, did the work, cleaned up and were gone in 2 days. We were left with three gorgeous rooms (at least the paint job).

I used to hate to go in my dining room...now I just sit in there and smile.

Oh, and Tom took some extra time to repair the previous sloppy paint job on the "beams" in the dining room - this is where his fine arts background and experience really shone - I would have botched this for sure. He was able to hide the paint that got on the wood by putting several different shades of paint on the overpainted areas, so it matched the existing wood - he even painted in what looked like wood grain - you can't tell there was ever anything wrong!

I plan to hire Tom again - I have some more ugly rooms.

Debi L

San Francisco, CA

We recently had Tom work on some lead remediation painting work in our place. We got about 4-5 total estimates and while one of the reasons we picked him was he was reasonable (not too high/ not too low), I just got a good vibe from him - he seemed honest and unlike many of the other people we looked at didn't approach the bid like a car-salesman or seem like he was wrapped up in some old-boys network. I was glad we trusted our instincts - he was detailed oriented, overall did a fantastic job, and even took care of a few extra challenging areas we hadn't expected. He also isn't one of these folks who manages a crew - he does the work himself and is onsite so you know he'll take care. He was prompt with his communication (both email and phone) and left the place spotless. Definitely consider hiring him for your next project - he'll do a wonderful job!!!

A. H.

San Francisco, CA

The first project I worked with Tom is the yellow building on 11th and Balboa (see Tom's pictures). This complex project involved exterior and interior lead abatement, replacement of all windows, vinyl siding installation, electrical service upgrades and replacement of asbestos flues. Tom was exceptional to work with, efficiently coordinating his abatement and painting work with other subcontractors. We also relied on his lead abatement expertise to ensure that window replacement work kept loose debris to a minimum. Work was completed on time and we are extremely satisfied with the results.

After the success of 11th and Balboa, we eagerly awarded Tom a second project on Broadway and Mason (again see Tom's pictures). This Victorian required a lot of attention and repairs. Again, lead abatement was a major issue as well as significant sheetmetal flashing repairs and a tremendous amount of prep work. Tom and his crew did another excellent job.

Yes, I highly recommend Tom Lawless Painting for all your painting needs. A certified lead abatement contractor, he pays attention to details, works well with other contractors, keeps the project clean all day long, advises on color selection, attentive to the needs of the projects and is very easy going. Tom handled change orders fairly and is very reasonably priced.

We look forward to working with Tom Lawless Painting on our next project.

Bernie M.

I hired Tom Lawless for a small indoor job during the rainy season. Perfect work, no psychodrama.

Monica B.

San Francisco, CA


We recently had Tom work on some lead remediation painting work in our place. We got about 4-5 total estimates and while one of the reasons we picked him was he was reasonable (not too high/ not too low), I just got a good vibe from him - he...

A. H.
San Francisco, CA

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